Your Guide to Telephone Psychics

You may be forced to postpone a desperately needed reading and wait for the guidance that fortune telling offers, as your calendar may be full for now. These restrictions don’t apply to phone readings, as you can get a reading from the telephone psychic you feel an instant connection with, whether they are based in your city or in a far flung location. You can fit in a reading even if your daily schedule is packed with other commitments, as you save time on travel and can reach for the phone whenever you have some time to spare.When you choose a reading on the phone and the insights offered by the psychic resonates with you, you will immediately know that the practitioner is authentic. A face to face reading allows a less than legitimate fortune teller to pick up clues about you and your circumstances, as they can draw conclusions from the way you dress and your body language. A psychic who offers phone readings has no access to this information about you, as all they have to go by is your voice. All their predictions and guidance are accessed solely by tapping into your unique energy vibration.It’s a given that telephone readings are convenient, as you don’t have to travel to the home of the psychic or to place from where they give the readings. This impacts the cost of the readings, and often makes them significantly lower than an in-person reading.

Phone Psychic Reading Privacy Benefits

High stress levels interfere with the benefits of a reading, as the psychic may pick up mixed messages regarding your situation. Even if you find a current problem or situation distressing, you are more likely to stay composed in the familiar surroundings of your home, which contributes to making the reading more beneficial for you. If the psychic is based in a location that is unknown to you, you may feel stressed by having to travel to an unfamiliar territory. These issues can be easily side-stepped when you choose to have a phone reading. The same holds true for the psychic you choose for the reading, they are likely to be relaxed in their own familiar territory, which contributes to a reading that is useful and enlightening for you.Phone readings are perfect when you feel that a problem is too intimate to discuss face to face as you may find that the level of anonymity attached to this type of readings is comforting when discussing delicate issues. Your ability to delve deeply into any problem without any inhibitions will help the psychic give you the insights that will contribute to resolving the problem for you.

There are those who believe that a face to face reading offers greater value than a telephonic conversation with a telephone psychic as you are physically present in the room during the reading. The accuracy of a reading depends on the talents and experience of the psychic, a gifted one can tune in to your vibration even when you are miles away. Your physical local has very little to do with the accuracy of the insights and your overall experience of the reading, when you connect with a genuinely talented psychic you will come away feeling amazed and exhilarated, whereas you will be disappointed when you feel like you have gained little and paid good money for nothing, when a in-person reading fails to ring true to you.

Psychics rely on the powers of their intuition to access information pertaining to the questions you ask during a reading. There are psychics who are mediums and can bring you messages from loved ones on the other side. When choosing a psychic for your telephone reading, read the details on their profile regarding the type of readings they specialize in, and pick a psychic medium when trying to connect with a departed loved one.

The intuitive skills of a psychic generate much curiosity and leave one wondering how the fortune teller delves into the future and offers insights into future events before they come to pass. The abilities that a psychic uses for a phone reading are the power to tune into your energy vibration using intuition. When they establish this energy link with you, they continue to tap into this energy for the entire reading. This link is often formed just after exchanging the first few words with you, and gets stronger as the reading continues.

Whether you are a skeptical about psychics or a true believer in the powers of the intuition and the ability of the authentic psychics to delve into the future, it is essential to keep an open mind for the duration of the reading. This is as the negative thought pattern, if you are a skeptic, changes your vibration and may interfere with the accuracy of the reading. Being receptive to the guidance that is being offered at the time of the reading improves the chances of the reading being a helpful one for you. You can judge the usefulness of the reading and the skill of the psychic once the reading is over.

You will be spoilt for choice when searching for a psychic for a telephonic reading. Websites feature the details of several psychics, with a picture of each and the details of their area of expertise are prominently displayed. Your intuition will guide you to the one who’s right for your reading, as you will feel drawn to a particular psychic. Some sites let you try out a free sample reading which lasts for a few minutes, which can be extended by paying the published price for a full reading.

To make sure you get the best value our of your phone psychic session. We have lists of the most popular questions to ask during a psychic reading session.Online Telephone Psychic

The telephone psychic profiles you see online represent the ones who have been through a stringent screening process and are featured after having proven their ability. As the reputation of the websites is at stake, they have measures in place to allow the ones with experience in their fields and are authentic. Before choosing a psychic online for your reading, it helps to read the policies used by the websites to screen the psychics. You may also wish to know what it costs to get a reading from a telephone psychic, as there may be telephone charges that you will be billed for, when you choose this type of fortune telling. Just as some online research is involved in finding a psychic for a in-person reading, the same holds true before you choose a website and a psychic featured on the site, as doing this research leaves little room for a disappointing experience. Here is some additional information about online psychic readings and the Top 10 Reasons You Should Try an Online Psychic.A psychic reading can give you direction in life by offering advice on the choices to make and brings clarity on the possible outcome of choices. It’s comforting to know that guidance and clarity is available at your fingertips, all you have to do is reach for the phone and speak to a telephone psychic.Top 10 Questions to Ask a PsychicTop 10 Reasons You Should Try an Online PsychicTop 10 Benefits of a Pet ReadingTop 10 Benefits of a Psychic ReadingThe best psychic stories, news, and articles. We help you find the top Psychics in 2014!

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Welcome to the Psychic World of metaphysics.

In these pages you will find explanations of the spiritual disciplines, which lead to understanding ourselves and the universe around us.

Whether you are simply seeking to learn what metaphysical wisdom is all about, or if you would like to become a serious practitioner of your Psychic Abilities, you have come to the right place!

I write as a retired professional Clairvoyant and Mystic of many years experience, including reading, consulting and conducting awareness groups.

My studies in the field encompass virtually all areas of the metaphysical spectrum. My wish here, is to be your guide on your quest to a greater awareness in the richness of life.

The terms metaphysics and mystic cover a broad branch of philosophy ranging from standard religious practices through to the occult and beyond.

At first glance, it seems like a case of choose your own belief system, however, this is not the case.
You will find that much of what is presented here is an adjunct and complimentary to most existing belief systems.

Do you want to know your future, or do want to shape your future?

That is what is ultimately at stake here!

If you simply want to know your future, as it is, there are plenty of psychic readers who will advise you. But you may find yourself asking, are psychics real?

However, if you want to shape your own future for yourself – then you have an exciting journey in front of you.

That, is the purpose and motivation of Psychic Mystic.

You see, when you grow more spiritually aware, you are developing empowerment skills which help you to manage the direction of your life, in addition to being helpful to others.

Thus apart from the many personal mental and spiritual benefits, you will find there are also many practical applications of metaphysical disciplines.

You may want to progress to becoming a professional psychic, or you may be satisfied with the confidence that knowing brings.

How far you take it is up to you! My purpose is to be your guide.

One of the best kept secrets of spiritual empowerment is that it is a two way street.

As your skills increase, so does your influence as well as your self control.

Each of us has an innate sixth sense, that is, our minds acts as a radio receiver – when tuned in.

To some people it is simply intuition, others see it is a spiritual gift, and to a few, it becomes a highly developed sense of empowerment.

One of the wonders of the human mind is that your mind is not only a receiver, it can also be taught to transmit! Not only thoughts and ideas, but also requests and desires. See Law of Attraction,

Now, more than ever before, developing our innate abilities is taking on an ever greater importance.

Like it or not, change is now upon us!

In fact the present time is a transition from one age to another.

We can either be part of the problem or be part of the solution.

Either way, we are a part of it.

Broadly there are two types of localized mediums:

The first type is aware of the minutia and events which influence the lives of individuals.

The second type is aware to the changes to the big picture, historical events and shifts in humanity.

Whilst I do have a foot in each type, I tend to lean to the second category.

To me, the importance of aware (psychic) individuals influencing the direction of the mass of humanity cannot be overstated.

It only takes a relatively small percentage of the population to be Psychically or Spiritually active in order to shift the overall outcome of events.

Traditionally, this has been one of the roles of monastic living.

Being Spiritually aware by definition brings with it an empathy and caring for our fellow man.

After all, we are all connected to each other at a higher level.

As the Age of Aquarius begins to take shape, the would be war-lords, the power brokers and manipulators are finding their efforts becoming ever more frustrated as a growing wave of awareness sweeps through the collective consciousness of mankind.

This present period of time, from the year 1999 has been called “The Age of Ethics”

For the first time in history, leading figures are being called to account for their actions.

A position of power is no longer a refuge from accountability.

Global events to benefit the entire world and its population are now organized regularly.

The rise of social networking is evolving into a loosely organized power for protest and instant resistance to oppression.

The result will initially be seen as unrest, but ultimately will reflect the desires of mankind.

When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.

Behind the scenes organizations such as the interfaith movement are dissolving barriers between faiths and building bridges of understanding between the great religions.

Where once suspicion, mistrust and hate existed – to the point of being a catalyst for wars, now tolerance and understanding is growing.

These changes in the spiritual fabric might not yet make the headlines, but they are out there and they are growing.

It is becoming a whole new world out there – but it is not out there, it is a wave of inner peace which grows as more and more people come to the realization that they are all connected to each other as well as the planet.

People who only a few years ago were totally immersed in a self-centered lifestyle are for some reason finding themselves impelled to consider the larger picture.

There are more souls now alive on the planet than have ever been.

Every extra new soul born increases the ocean of total consciousness, on this plane, which is available to amplify our individual power.

It is a time of transition from a level where man has a consciousness to a new higher level where man is consciousness.

As humans, our path is our journey from a collection of disconnected, limited individuals, to an enlightened reality of where we are able to tap into the power of the pool of total consciousness for our growth as individuals.

Be psychic and have clarity and awareness of this journey.

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Can you imagine having psychic powers?

If you can not imagine it, then it cannot be!! – So you had better get to work on your imagination!

At times we all shows signs of having a sixth sense.

  • Intuition
  • Having a Premonition
  • Hunch
  • Strange Feeling
  • Extrasensory Perception
  • Foresight
  • Gut Feeling
  • Insight
  • Instinct
  • Telepathy

You may well put it down to your imagination, but then you find that what you imagined actually happened.

Of course it varies from person to person.

Some people are naturally more sensitive or gifted than others, but I have found that with a little encouragement, just about everyone has some psychic powers.

Of course there are the professional skeptics.

These are people with closed minds, yet they will happily do a mind power course which calls on these abilities under the guise of expanding their imagination.

Your imagination is not only a vital part of your being.

It is the essence of your creative ability and is the seed of your psychic powers.

In fact, by further developing your imagination, you will find that you have latent skills and abilities which many would find amazing.

When you read a book, your imagination supplies the pictures and places you in the story, (or the story in you).

A vivid imagination is also your path to creativity!

Where would an artist be without their imagination to project their art into reality?

Your imagination is also your portal to your extrasensory perception.

However, whilst your imagination is your portal to extrasensory perception, it is only that, they are not one and the same.

There is a fine line separating the two.

Discriminating between the two is simply a matter of experience.

Imagination eminates from within yourself, whilst your sixth sense is recieved from without.

Put it this way, if you were a radio transmitter/reciever, imagination is what you send, whilst your sixth sense is what you recieve.

Now most Psychics do not normally walk around in a permanent state of heightened extrasensory perception.

One learns to control ones state of awareness, in the same way as we all change our level of concentration to suit each occasion.

For those few poor souls who are stuck on maximum sensitivity all the time, life must be difficult in the extreme, trying to discriminate between the psychic world and the physical world at the same time.

There are a great many people who are being treated for mental disorders who are just as sane as the rest of us, but whos psychic powers are very strong.

For the rest of us, we can live in the “normal” physical world, with the added advantage of intuition, perceiving auras, and receiving whispers from guides when the occasion demands.

Trust me, there are times it is good to not not have psychic powers, ie. to be able to just switch off.

However, personally, I would find not having my psychic powers akin to losing my sight or hearing.

From time to time of course, we will become aware of a non physical prescience making itself known.

To an aware person, these presences are our companions in life – we catch glimpses of their auras and hear their whispers every day.

To people whose choose not to be aware, the messages and whispers are still there, however they manifest themselves as “coincidences” or signs.

When these signs fails to penetrate the fog of denial, the signs become dreams, which become progressively more dramatic until the message sinks in!

Note : If you are hearing voices and they go away when you tell them, ie. you are in control – you are ok.
However if you feel an overwhelming compulsion to obey the voices – get help – now!

There are many explanations for non physical presences. Some of these are :-

Spiritual entities not attached to any individual who intercede for us at a spiritual level when we ask for help.

Spirit Guides and Helpers

Our spirit guides are spiritual entities who have attached themselves to us personally to guide us through life. I believe that this arrangement is symbiotic – whilst we are evolving from a corporeal life, our guides are evolving through a non-corporeal life.

Ghosts and Departed Spirits

Spirits of the departed which are earthbound – that is, are still attached to this plane of existence and have not made their return to the whole (The Light).

Expanding your Awareness into the Astral plane

In some forms of deep meditation (eg. out of body meditation>), and on certain occasions, our awareness can extend beyond the “normal” three dimensional world. Astral traveling is simply extending you awareness beyond your physical self. Unless you have consciously given your body over to another spirit – even then you are still in control – your awareness and body are still connected.

The influence of the Almighty

No definition here – this is for your own personal experience of God, All That Is, The Light, The Divine, Universal Intelligence, Allah, Brahman, The Buddha, The Tao, etc.

All of these explanations are valid!

They are metaphysical concepts.

Attempts to define such phenomenon will fall short because definitions will be a reflection of your human perceptions rather than the spiritual reality.

Definitions are man-kinds way of trying to create “God” in his own image!

The reality of the “Spiritual World”, “Astral Plane”, “Causal Plane” or whatever, is far beyond the limited three dimensional perceptions of we mortals.

Any “Reality” we can imagine is a projection of our own psyche.

Metaphysics brings with it its own disciplines and realities.

Often I find people trying to explain a phenomenon in logical terms – and failing to, when there is a quite simple metaphysical explanation.

This is because metaphysics is a branch of philosophy concerned with explaining the fundamental nature of being and our perception of the world, that is, using our psychic powers.

Broadly, there are four types of Psychic Powers, these are :

the ability to see auras, guides/angels, etc. This is the popular misconception of being psychic. The term “see” is better expressed as “perceiving an image of”!

the ability to hear voices of the guides, angels, etc. This type of perception is hearing within the mind, although sometimes it can be startlingly real.

Clair kinetic
the ability to feel the guides, angels, and beings in other dimensions; getting a physical sensation in or on the body to indicate that another presence is making a connection.


This is the much vaunted process of “full body channeling”, or allowing a non corporeal entity temporary use of your whole body.

Perception is the key to psychic powers.

Perception is not just how we think about things, rather it is what happens when we turn off the thinking process.

It is open mindness – our minds are open to “see” on other levels.

It is the realm of the spiritual, the mystic, of wisdom.

That is what you are getting yourself into!

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Extrasensory Perception
Your Sixth Sense

I have never had a student who did not have a sixth sense of at least some extrasensory perception attending one of my Psychic-Awareness courses!

This Extrasensory Perception, or E.S.P. as it is usually known, is innate and quite natural.

Some people are naturally talented and some have to be taught to recognise it; but taught you can be!

So why develop your sixth sense?

The thrust of this site is learning to understand the universal changes which are happening and to grow from them.

The difference between living in fear of change and being in control of your life is recognising your Universal (psychic) connections.

To me it is incongruous to believe in a higher universal power and not establish the strongest, clearest connections to that power.

We live on a three dimensional physical planet which exists in a many dimensional universe.

At a higher level, everything is inter-connected, and the access to those connections requires our sixth sense, our extrasensory perception.

In the psychic realm, many of the rules are reversed :- physical dimensions of time and distance become the illusions, but mind, spirit, soul and awareness of being become the realities; and real they are.

Your sixth sense brings with it its own set of disciplines. To a person who is used to dealing with the ‘practical world’ this might seem to be ‘hocus pocus’. However if you bear with me you will find there is another world out there.

The initial connection to your sixth sense is made via your imagination, so initially you may think you are imagining things, but with a little discipline and practice you will find that things you see in your imagination come to be!

There is a fine line between your imagination, intuition and your sixth sense.

With practice, you learn to discern one from the other until you open a window to your psychic as distinct from your imagination.

The chapter on Meditations in the Alpha state will teach you how to use your imagination as a tool of your mind to access both the psychic and physical realms.

This poses the question – do events happen because we imagine them, or are we seeing things before they happen?

When we get to advanced techniques you will find that this is actually a two way street.

Normally we get little premonitions all the time, (usually ignored), ie:

“I just knew that was going to happen.”
“I was just thinking exactly that the other day”
“I was just saying to so and so the other day ….”.
I call receiving these little premonitions “listening to the whispers”, because that is what they are, they are the outer edge of psychic awareness.

When you are about to make a major decision, and it doesn’t ‘feel’ right, although the facts support it, do you go ahead or not?

Do you listen to the whispers or go with the logic?
Did you know that in the psychic reality you can not ask a question unless you know the answer? This reduces problem solving to asking the right questions, not finding the right answers! Of course this is dependent on you accepting the given answer.

Ask the right question and you will be given the answer.

How often have you asked a question only to have the answer flash into you conscious mind immediately. It was there all the time. Some stimulus, (asking the question) was needed to bring it up from your subconscious (or wherever)!

In this case, the question provided the psychic connection.

A Tarot reader (genuine), does not ‘read’ the cards, but uses them to provide psychic connections. That is, they prompt questions. Many astrologers use astrological charts as a key to the psychic also.

There is no ‘magic bullet’ to becoming more psychic, it is a process of growth, an increasing awareness which needs to be practiced regularly.

Awareness … Brings … More Awareness
As you become more psychic – you will become more psychic!!!

Click on this link to read the am I psychic? page of the renowned psychic – ZorbaZiv. I think you will find it is well worth the read.

With practice, you will develop a “Psychic Antenna”, which receives messages and impressions at will.

If you are not already a practicing psychic – there is a whole universe out there waiting to be discovered.

Come on board!

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Mysticism – Reaching Beyond Religion

The very term Mysticism conjures up images of esoteric practices and practices shrouded in mystery.

Actually in many cases this may be true, but let us look beyond the veil of mystery for a moment.

It can be said that what we are discussing is the thread of truth which runs through all the great religions and philosophies.

Thus being a Mystic is really about being one with the whole, that is, becoming a spiritual insider.

If we take away the rituals, the mythology, the dogmas and traditions from a religion, any religion, what is left is the core belief or philosophical basis of that religion.

When this is done, the similarities between the great religions are surprising.

In fact the personal faith and mystic experience of followers of each of the great religions is basically the same.

Of course the leaders in these religions would go to great lengths to argue against this proposition!

However all the great religions have at their core an essence of spiritual awareness.

The mystic experience is the pursuit of achieving ultimate reality, the divine, spiritual truth, or God through direct experience, intuition, or insight.

That is, seeking enlightenment.

A person delving in these areas may be called a Mystic.

He or she may or may not be a member of an organized religion, although all religions have their mystic branches and disciplines.

Personally, I have discovered that in order to experience the clarity of spiritual truth, it is helpful (but not necessary), at times to be separate from any religious movement.

The difficulty with religion is that all religions are basically political movements at heart.

As soon as we establish an organization with leaders and followers – we have power games and structures.

The message becomes one of control and organization instead of personal enlightenment.

This tends to separate people from the core meaning of the religion, thus we have the growth of a priesthood.

Priesthoods have a tendency to claim insider status, on the basis of controlling dogma, which of course leaves the followers of the religion as outsiders looking in.

Science vs Religion

Science is about explanation. Religion is about meaning.

Science helps us to appreciate the wonder of individual aspects of the universe.

Religion is mans attempt to see, however dimly, the “big picture” of which they are part.

Science takes things apart to see how they work, but religion puts them back together again to see what they mean.

So we are back at meaning and awareness again.

Back to a personal experience of the Universe around us, and what we can do to expand that experience.

Spiritual and Physical

Religion in general appears to have a problem with the theory of evolution. From a mystics point of view there is not a conflict.

There are two separate universes, the spiritual and the physical.

Each has its own rules, and each has its own evolutionary path.

One exists in a physical universe which we can all see, touch and explore. It is the universe of our bodies. It conforms to the rules imposed by the laws of physics.

The other is a spiritual universe which we cannot see or touch but which we can explore through our sense of perception.

If of course our sense of perception, authentic psychic awareness etc. is not developed then it is an easy matter to deny the existence of the spiritual universe. Thus the need for religions to create a spiritual God who created the physical to unify the two universes into something which can be explained to people with no spiritual awareness.

In the “evolution” of religions”, the various forms of God along with their religions become the repository of explanation for what to many people is the unexplainable.

As soon as we separate the spiritual and the physical, or in our own case, the body and soul, into a dimensional physical reality and an inter-dimensional spiritual reality, the whole God question becomes irrelevant.

Two parallel universes and the inter-connection – the wonderful human mind.